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Frustrated in marketing programs that don't work? Tired of sharing all of your internal leads with other agents? Looking for leads with a real exclusive?

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Auto Leads

Our real specialty is in auto leads. These are the leads that will expand an agent's business tremendously. You will get the name, address, phone number where available, along with the month of the auto policy. They can come in several digital formats and we make sure that they are directly compatible with internal marketing systems. Because of our exclusive policy these leads are not available in all areas.

Homeowners Insurance Leads

Depending upon your location, we have some of the best available home insurance leads. What we can find is the month that homes are purchased, allowing you to target your marketing for people that have insurance policies coming up for renewal.

For some areas this information is not available through municipal records. In that case, what we can find is homes that are owned by individuals making a minimum income and/or in a certain age bracket.

Life Insurance Leads

This type of search is a little more open-ended. What we commonly search for are homeowners ages 25 to 45 with children. These would be persons who would likely need life insurance, and agents have had success with these leads. We can search by income levels on these as well.

Renters Insurance Leads

We can find persons who are currently renting based on searches for multi-family dwelling units. If you choose to narrow your results, this can also be based upon a set age and income.

Ethnic Leads

Is someone in your office bilingual? Use that to your advantage! Based on surnames, we can find most ethnicities with our searches. You can either use this in conjunction with another search (i.e. Hispanic Auto leads) or just target a particular ethnic group with your marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the information is accurate?
We guarantee the leads 100%. By that we mean we do replace bad leads 1-for-1. No one is going to be able to offer perfect information, but our accuracy is typically better than 90%. Any sort of wrong information at all, and we do replace the lead. For Auto and Home Insurance leads that includes the dating of the lead.

What is the cost?
Costs do vary based upon lead type and quantity. Call for more information on specific prices, but our prices tend to be less expensive than what you would pay for other lead sources including internal leads.

Do I get an exclusive?
All of our insurance leads come with a standard 12-month exclusive. No other agent, either from your company or another company will have access to your searches for 12 months.

Are your leads scrubbed against national and State DNC lists?
Yes. Any lead sold with a phone number has already been scrubbed against the available DNC lists.

How many are available in my zip codes?
That varies depending upon your area. Call for availability. Because we maintain an exclusive some areas may not be available.

Who can I talk with for more information?
Mike Fohne is your contact on insurance leads. He has been working with insurance agents and marketing personnel since 1995. Stephinia is his assistant and can also help with questions.


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